Power BI vs Tableau Google trends analysis 2024

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2nd Jan 2024

Another year, new trends. Which tool won the battle in 2023?

I analyzed who won the battle for both tools based on search volumes in Google and the winner is not clear, but something is very clear, Power BI is winning the battle, why? find it as follows. 

Based on search volumes whe can have an idea about how popular are these tools in the world. I splited the analysis into two, Google search volumes in the web, and search volumes in Youtube. 

Regarding search volumes in the web, Tableau is still a very popular tool in the world, but what is clear is that Power BI is winning the war (please check the following pictures).

Power BI vs Tableau google web search volumes over the last 5 years

If we take a look at Youtube searchs, Power BI (in blue color) is the winner.

Power BI vs Tableau Youtube searchs over the last 5 years

Of course, I don't have all the info, but if just take a look at search volumes, it seems that Power BI is the clear winner in terms of users, or at least, in terms of interest. Maybe one of the reasons on the increasing interest in Power BI is being able to access Power BI for free with the desktop version, as well as new features released every month, which make it more attractive. 

Maybe we will see this 2024 more hype on Power BI as it is part of the new Microsoft Fabric analytics platform, that for sure will bring many good things for the data ecosystem. 

And for you? which is the clear winner?

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